Question by  bolojo19 (19)

How do I copy music files from Windows Explorer?


Answer by  aanderson (42)

In explorer right click on the music file and select copy. Browse to the folder or drive you want to place it in. In the menu at the top of the explorer window click on edit. In the edit menu select paste. A progress bar will appear when it's done the file has been copied.


Answer by  worker83 (62)

You open up your source map on your computer, select the files you want to copy (in your case your music files), right click on one selected file and select 'copy'. After that you'll need to go to your destination map, right click the white space and select 'paste'. And you're done!


Answer by  leelee22 (118)

Not all music can be copied to your computer straight from Internet Explorer. You want to look for music that is down-loadable whether free or not. If you see the music file you want just right click then hit save target as and it should then save to your computer.

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