Question by  tab65 (456)

How do I cook pot roast in a rotisserie oven?

I love pot roast.


Answer by  vignesh07 (40)

To Cook On A Rotisserie:. Set oven control to rotisserie. Cook roast until thermometer registers 5 to 10° below desired doneness, about 2 hours. (American, Main Dish, Roast, Beef, Good and Easy)... through center of roast; secure with holding forks. Check balance by rotating spit in palms of hands


Answer by  indianagirl (6)

You must remember that your pot roast will be stable; therefore remove the rods that make meat turn over on the rotisserie. Place meat and vegetables in your roasting pan, place in the rotisserie oven and cook. You will be pleased with the resulting dinner!


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

If you rotisserie your pot roast it will be pretty dry. The key to pot roast is moisture. You can place the roast in a oven safe pot with a little bit of beef broth or water and cook it on 350 for two hours and reduce to 250 for about 3-4 more hours. I would not suggest the rotisserie


Answer by  fruitfly (126)

Put rump roast, wine, Worcestershire sauce, and packet of dried onion soup in container in oven. Cook at 250F for few hours. Test for doneness after 3 hours.

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