Question by  Allen (17)

How do I connect a DVR to a television?

I am an electronics illiterate and need help.


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

In most cases you can use the 3 colored cords. The red and white connect the audio and the yellow the video.


Answer by  sneezy10 (151)

Most DVRs contain HDMI or other cables that will plug into the back. Connect these plugs to the appropriate plugs on the TV and then follow the on screen instructions.


Answer by  rjs108 (310)

There are various ways to connect a DVR to a television depending on the video connections contained on both devises. It also depends on the television. Older analog televisions can use RCA cables, coax cable, or component cables. The new high definition televisions will most likely be use an HDMI cable.


Answer by  PowerIsMe (844)

Its quite simple actually. The DVR will usually have either a HDMI output or a component/composite output. Check in your DVR manual which one you have and buy the appropriate-cable.


Answer by  jimartin (74)

Determine what type of connection you need by looking at the TV ports and the ones available on the DVR. Older TV's will use an RCA cable (3 cables, yellow/red/white).


Answer by  Inquisitor911 (34)

On the back of your television are Composite, S-Video or Component input jacks. Connect these directly from your TV to the DVR. You may need to use an adapter.


Answer by  Elis (150)

You would normally be running the cable line from the wall to the DVR (instead of to the television) and then running another line (or set of AV cables) from the DVR to the television. You should have received a set of detailed schematics with your device.


Answer by  riddle (30)

There are two plugs that should come with your DVR. One plug connects to the wall and is the power plug, it connects to the wall and then the DVR in the back in whatever hole it fits into. The second plug should have a number of colored plugs on one end. match the colors to back of TV.


Answer by  praveen99 (78)

1. If the TV has HDMI cable, use HDMI cable to connect DVR box and TV. Make sure you select TV input as HDMI. 2. RF: connect RF cable which goes from DVR OUT to TV IN. Make sure you select TV input as RF. 3. Composite cable: connect 3 cables from DVR to TV. "Yellow: Video cable"


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

You need to connect the dvd player's "output" cables to the "inputs" of the television or vcr. Be careful because there are two sets sometime and the can be confusing.

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