Question by  nsmith21137 (22)

How do I clear an air lock in my water pipes?


Answer by  tryderjr (20)

Go to faucet at the highest point in the home. Next open both the hot and the cold faucets. This should allow air to sputter out as air will always go up.


Answer by  waterman (18)

Try bleeding the pipes by turning the bleeder nut on the closest valve. Take a pair of channel lock pliers and open the valve slowly until water starts to run freely. You should hear some air sounds as well. Once that occurs; tighten up the nut and you should be good to go.


Answer by  plmbrgrl (8)

First, you need to unhook the supply line in order for the air to escape. You then hook a T adaptor up to the supply line and insert an air hammer arrestor to the other side of the T. You then hook the new adaptation back to the water line.


Answer by  SteveO (147)

Turn off your water pump at your breaker box. Open all the faucets you have about half way and then turn the pump back on at the breaker box. Let the faucets each run until you get a steady stream of water from each, then shut them off.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Turn off water supply at the main. Turn on all faucets, flush toilets. Open faucets for 15 minutes. pipes should become free of any trapped air.

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