Question by  Chrissie (266)

How do I choose the right nail sizes?

I am building a bookshelf.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

When you start to work on the shelf I would get some help with nails from the local hardware store, or a carpenter. You might invest in a power nailer. They are alot faster then regular hammering. You will fill the holes that you made with the hammer with wood putty.


Answer by  junebug0720 (270)

Choose common nails for heavy duty construction. Box nails are smaller and are used for woods. Nail heads vary in size depending on the type of job. For a bookshelf you may want to use a smaller head nail.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

In order to get the right size nails you need to know the size wood you also need to know how far into the wood you want them to go so they will serve the purpose you need them to.

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