Question by  JohnathonLMackin (48)

How do I become a cheerleader?


Answer by  nickzz (21)

To become a cheerleader you must first of all be in good physical condition. Check out the squads in your area which you can try out for, and find out their requirements. Then, most importantly, practice constantly. A gymnastics background is very helpful because cheerleading is very acrobatic. Practice the moves needed by the squad you selected.


Answer by  clpm (15)

If it is for a school, there are usually tryouts in the fall for the squad the following year. Other ways are joining a place that competes and offers classes.


Answer by  bigk (33)

Your best bet is to start practicing dance and gymnastics as early as possible. Then contact your local schools about their cheerleading opportunities.


Answer by  lvspy23 (62)

Make up a routine, practice them, and if you are in grade school or college, then audition. Good luck on becoming a cheerleader!


Answer by  michaelbowers (57)

in every highschool there is a cheerleading coach. first i would speak with him or her and ask when are tryouts. then i would get to no the girls that are on the team.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Most cheerleaders have a gymnastics background, and are very fit and have good strength, flexibility and have a great "upbeat" personality to them.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

There should be a squad in your school. If you go to a all girls school they usually cheer for all boys school. See your school office.

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