Question by  mile (15)

How can you figure out the actual cash value for a totaled car?


Answer by  Wackonorm (164)

Insurance companies determine the actual cash value by taking into the age, condition, and resale value of your vehicle. They rely on what similar vehicles are being sold for in your area. They will find a few examples and find the average. The average is the cash value.


Answer by  Julie (172)

The actual cash value for a car that has been totaled is generally found by determining the actual cash value at the time of the loss and subtract any other items on the vehicle that would depreciate its value, such as mileage, condition of interior of vehicle, condition of engine and other parts of drive train, tires, etc...


Answer by  chavez (12)

To get a rough estimated figure you need basic honest information about the car. The make, model, miles and history of the car. Very important is the state of the car, clean, well kept, good paint and any extras. Using the Kelly blue book, online car selling sites and local car dealerships you can compare and get a reasonable guess.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

The value of a totaled car is determined by what it would cost to replace the car in the condition it was in prior to the accident. You would need to research blue book value of the car, re-sale value for the miles and condition of the car. Again it is the condition prior to the accident.


Answer by  nat2003 (28)

This would be determined by the value of any remaining parts which can be resold as used parts and any other parts which can be resold as scrap; with the actual make and model of the car being a major factor.

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