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Question by  katin (24)

How can you calculate your ideal weight?

I have lost a couple of pounds, but I still have a while to go. I'm not trying to get skinny, just healthy.


Answer by  gmk (6)

You should consult a weight chart, easily found on the internet.. A weight chart will list a ideal range of weights for people based on gender, and height, as well as the size of your frame. A large framed woman's ideal weight will be higher than a smaller framed woman of the same height.


Answer by  BellaMarie (109)

For women, one way to approximate ideal weight is to start with 100 pounds and add 5 pounds for every inch of height over 5 feet tall. Another way to calculate ideal weight is to find your BMI and to set your goal for a BMI in the healthy range.


Answer by  geekgirl (153)

You will want to use your BMI ( body mass index) which can easily be found online. This will give you a range of weight you should be in with your height and age.


Answer by  kalip (355)

You want to be in a healthy range for you BMI (body mass index). You can go on google and search for BMI and you will find sites in which you enter your height, weight, age, etc. and they will give you a healthy range.

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