Question by  sunshine77 (7)

How can you better organize a single car garage?


Answer by  lawnmowerman (94)

with shelving and peg boards to hang up items, storage bens, and use overhead rafters for storing bulky items like lawn furniture.use availible wall space to mount cabinets for storage. and lastly use your work bench for aditional storage when not in use.


Answer by  prodigy1 (13)

Car garage can be organised by defining key work stations like painting, engine, suspension etc. Furthermore, you can assign specific tasks to people doing different work so that there are no mix ups or delays in work. A timeline can be established on any specific job prior to starting it, this would alot specific time deadlines for all tasks.


Answer by  ciprianoss (12)

The most important thing is that you organize your garage so your car fits in in with both side doors open so you wont have problems. If you want to put more thing in your garage you could buy some thing that stick to the wall, that is a great way to make space.


Answer by  Ben3889 (178)

Well you should start by going through all the boxes in your garage and throw away anything you dont absolutly need.Then you can go to home depot and buy some stackable crates to maximize space all the way up to the cieling.You also might consider putting up some shelves basically anything to get things off the floor.

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