Question by  jackielou (10)

How can widowed parents enter the dating world?

I have been widowed for 2 years and am ready to date.


Answer by  Brendawith (464)

The best way is to let friends and family know you are "ready" to begin dating again. People love to play "matchmakers". Let them help you.


Answer by  Cris77 (163)

The best way to enter the dating world is by joining a club or community organization. This is a great way to meet someone because "before" you even start dating you already have a common interest.


Answer by  Doomstoned (1454)

Widowed parents looking to return to dating should take a look in their local newspapers to find singles events oriented toward widowers. Online, there are dating sites geared to widowers.


Answer by  fancbiz (952)

Join social groups and be in places where you will meet the date you would like.Love comes when one is strategically in place to be able to love and be given love too.

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