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Question by  Hwcllns (18)

How can I troubleshoot problems with my PS2 controller not working?


Answer by  meder76 (19)

First thing I check is the cable. Ensure that is is properly plugged in. If the buttons don't react anymore perhaps some contact spray or cleaning the controller (blowing away some dust) can solve the problem. Unfortunately an anolog nub that doesn't spring back to the center indicates that something is broken.


Answer by  anon88 (166)

Check to make sure none of the buttons are jammed down. Sometimes one gets stuck. I used to have to pull up on the thumbstick every now and then. Try different controllers. Check your controller on a friends PS2 to see if its the console not the controller.


Answer by  BobSmith (24)

First use a game you a very familiar with that utilizes all the buttons. Press all the buttons and move the analog in all direction to see if it reacts accordingly. If there is a problem switch the controller to the second player port and see if the problem persists.


Answer by  jleade1 (17)

Generally the only fixable issue with a PS2 controller not working is when the memory card is defective and prevents the controller from functioning properly.


Answer by  Control4Lyfe (12)

I would consult the manufacturer first. If that doesnt work you could take it to a private company or group that specializes in controlers, they are few and far between because its usually just easier to buy a new one rather than get it repaired.


Answer by  Edfire (120)

If your PS2 controller is not working your best bet is to throw it out and buy another one for about $10 maybe less.


Answer by  rockdisc (209)

The PlayStation 2 does not offer a troubleshoot, debugger or any sort for a malfunctioning controller. If you are using it for windows 7 you can see all devices in the control panel.

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