Question by  Nasan (16)

How can I take care of a mini pepper plant to make sure I always have peppers?


Answer by  webweaver (83)

Plant the pepper in a pot so that you may bring it inside in winter. Make sure the plant is supplied with consistent moisture and is fed with liquid fertilizer once every two weeks. Pick peppers as soon as they are ripe so that the plant will keep blooming. Make sure the plant gets plenty of sunshine, especially in winter.


Answer by  DtheM1 (1150)

Peppers will only produce fruit when it's warm and sunny, so if you're not in a tropical region, only in summer. Most pepper plants only produce peppers during this time.


Answer by  simplyellie (89)

Research the type of environment a mini pepper plant prefers and shelter it from harsh weather if you leave the plant outdoors. It may thrive well indoors in the proper sunlight - such as in a windowsill. Ensure that it is always watered, looking healthy and pruned. Rich soil and fertilizer are vital to good health of any and all plants.


Answer by  Liza (22)

Keep potting soil moist. Do not let soil dry out. Cut ripe peppers off vine with scissors or knife. Never twist peppers off of vine.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

I keep mine in the house in the winter and on the patio in the summer after the threat of frost and mine has peppers all year round.

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