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Question by  jawahar (23)

How can I straighten a pool cue shaft?

If I get it straightened will it ever be the same?


Answer by  Robin (149)

Well to do that i would recamend go to a pool cue repair shop and have them look at it beacuse if you do it wrong it will mess the stick up more beacuse the stick must be re moistened and re straightend perfectly and wet wood is easy to bend and mold then dry


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

Find where the bend is, sand off the finish where the bend is, keep the stick damp and hang a weighted sock on it for several days.


Answer by  james37 (37)

requires some mild risk,is simple and fun to do Holding the cue at its butt end gently rest its tip on the floor Set the stick at approximately 60 degree angle to the ground. Rotate the cue slowly on its tip several times looking for the spot where it curves up towards you indicating the place where it bends


Answer by  Jonetra (66)

Apply force and push a in the opposite direction of the curve. Do not apply too much force or the cue will be curved in the opposite direction.

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