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Question by  Kat (32)

How can I kill morning glory vines?


Answer by  frank (279)

To kill morning glory vines one must kill the roots completelyby using a weed killer and let it be absorbed through the leaves and into the roots.


Answer by  embockjr (709)

The best method would be to use a total vegetation killer spray. Broadleaf types are generally not sufficient. Something like Triox would be recommended.


Answer by  MartinFarmakov (285)

First,cut them shortly so they won't take so much place.Then cut them to the roots. After that burn the roots with fire, or dig up the roots


Answer by  mansi (521)

Use Roundup full strength in an eyedropper. Put a smear of the chemical on about 5 leaves of every offensive plant. It takes two weeks to fully kill the weed.


Answer by  Anonymous

I heard that white vinnegar works...dip the end of a vine into a cup and let it drink it.


Answer by  h0merb0y (1)

i have morning glory growing everywhere. the problem is it is growing where i can't spray because it would kill my evergreens and ground cover help!!!

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