Question by  David87 (112)

How can I interpret nuchal translucency test results?

I was given pictures from my first ultrasound and a read out of the results from the doctor, however they faiiled to explain what every thing was.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Ultrasounds can be read by people who have had training to do so, and it's possible to find people who have this training at birth control centers and crisis pregancy centers, among others. It's also possible to get the books and other resources that trained readers use to have some better options as far as your own guesses.


Answer by  kellybean (72)

This test looks at the likelihood of Down's syndrome. If the fluid is less than 2. 5mm thick, it is unlikely they have Down's. If above 2. 5mm, they could have Down's.


Answer by  Ali41 (1593)

A nuchal transluceny test will check for the thickness of the fetus's neck. Thinner necks can indicate potential problems like Down's syndrome. I would call your doctor for more details.

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