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Question by  deswar (23)

How can I help an abused dog who suffers from excessive urination?


Answer by  Usakoinwonderland (70)

Abused dogs usually suffer from nervous wetting. The only way to break the habit is completely ignore it. It becomes worse if you scold. You have to give no attention.


Answer by  aks (221)

Dogs suffering from excessive urination,may require confidence boosters and special training. Dog behaviorists may give you advice on how to help them overcome their insecurities. Try your best to encourage your dog to become more confident. Do not scold excessively for what he does wrong but rather praise for what he does right.


Answer by  Malcolm (12)

To help an abused dog with excessive urination issues, you must establish trust with the dog. Dogs usually urinate excessively when they are scared. After the trust is established, get the dog into a routine of going out to urinate at constant time or interval. The dog will eventually learn the schedule and be manageable.


Answer by  nikkisons (30)

First thing to do is to see your vet to make sure there isn't any medical problems or other factors causing this problem.If the vet says your dog is healthy then i would find a dog trainer in your area they might be able to help you.


Answer by  Serafinah (232)

Usually the urination is a sign of submission - often caused by the former abuses that the poor animal has suffered. Building an affectionate and trusting relationship is the best way to help this poor pup - as it becomes more comfortable, and less fearful - the bouts of stress-induced urination will most likely decrease.


Answer by  Missmelissa (69)

Get the dog a diaper. It will cure your frustration and remove the problem temporarily. The dog will not see his owner unhappy and feel the tension. Getting this dogs trust may be the key to curing the urination. Have the dog a safe, solitary outside area so it can learn to go outside as well. Praise him for it.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

Excessive urination is usually a sign of submission. Help your dog by building confidence. Never scold your dog, put teach skills and praise when you get the desired result.

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