Question by  sean (141)

How can I grow a peach tree from a seed?


Answer by  herzog (555)

It is unlikely you could get a tree to grow true to its variety from a seed as most trees are hybrids. You are better off buying a new tree.


Answer by  Wayne100 (42)

Cultivation to good drainage of the sandy or gravelly loam, and it needs sunlight and good ventilation required. It is suitable for cultivation in the elevation of 200 meters of the slope.


Answer by  goofball90 (40)

Plant the peach pit 4-5 inches deep in non-rocky soil in the fall. Mulch it, keep it watered, and it should sprout in spring.


Answer by  bizgrad02 (103)

It is best to start it in a pot after the last frost. Get good potting soil. Plant your seed 1 to 2 inches down. Water daily but don't over water. You don't want it to be soggy. Make sure it gets sunlight.


Answer by  jsmith (2067)

Planting a peach pit won't result in a fruit producing tree and will waste years of effort. If you want a peach tree, buy a sapling from a local nursery.


Answer by  ladybud (1069)

Get two paper towel's,soak the towel's in a 7.0 ph water.Place towel's in a bowl,put the seed's on top of the moist paper towel's.Then place another moist towel over top the seed's place some place with steady 78-80 degree temperature.Check seed's for root's every 3-4 day's.See roots plant in soil.


Answer by  Disneyphan (529)

It's best to start all seeds, including peach, on a damp paper towel in a zip baggie. It creates a mini-greenhouse. Once it sprouts, put it in the ground.


Answer by  Baobao (1273)

Generally speaking,it depends on the climate in your location.As you know, some places can not have those trees.If your place is ok, you simply put the seed in the dirt and water it regularly,keep doing tree related things,it will take some time and you have to endeavor great effort,but you will be very happy when it is done.


Answer by  Ashton (229)

First you have dig three to four inches deep in non rocky ground and keep watering after but furits tree are dormant during winter and the seed can be taken from stone or it can be leaveit case, it will add fertilizer.


Answer by  mansi (521)

Well 2 peach seeds or two saplings are needed to produce fruit. It would take 35 years before fruit starts to show.

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