Question by  Oscar (34)

How can I go about sending email from Safari browser?


Answer by  waltj (22)

The easiest way of sending e-mail from Safari (or any web browser) is to sign up for a web-based e-mail service. Most of these services are free, that is advertising financed. The best known are Hotmail (owned by Microsoft) and Gmail (owned by Google). I've used both and prefer Gmail as the advertising is less intrusive.


Answer by  IAB (141)

You can do this by using a web mail service, such as Yahoo, or Google Mail, there are also sites that allow you to connect to your pop via Internet.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

Depending on your ISP provider or your preferred email client, all you have to do is simply go to the URL or website of your preferred email provider whether it be Yahoo, Aol etc. Login and send off some emails!


Answer by  Kit (558)

For emails, you need to know the address of the website providing you with email services. For example, Yahoomail, Gmail, etc. Type that in the address bar usually at the top of the browser and press the enter key on your keyboard.


Answer by  bunnygirl (779)

Type in the URL of your email service into the Safari browser's address bar. Log in. Compose an email. Send it.


Answer by  edward92 (51)

If you want to send an email from the Apple Safari web browser the method is exactly the same as from other popular browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. All you do is login to your webmail account as normal.

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