Question by  Oktober (35)

How can I get motivated to write?


Answer by  hefito (226)

Do it in the right conditions. Most professional writers tend to find that writing in the morning and in isolation (reducing distractions) is critical.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

Don't wait to get motivated. Actually writing will get you motivated. Just set a goal to write-5 minutes, whatever comes out. Chances are you'll keep on writing. Get some ideas from "Writing Down the Bones" by Nathalie Goldberg-this book has lots of writing exercises that will motivate you to write more!


Answer by  Zoombaa (18)

First of all you must have the interest in writing. Ok. Then you can get more interest if your writings are appreciated and if you are getting some reasonable pay for your writings, you will interest and positively motivated towards writing. You can also join in any competition announced by any magazines to write articles for them. All the best .


Answer by  banu (12)

Try not to listen music when you write, this may help you focusing on your story in your unique manner. When you have a nice idea try to leave it until next morning, there can be nothing better than beginning a day with a nice idea.

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