Question by  siageah (36)

How can I get automobile blue book value for my car?

I am going to be selling or trading my car in soon and would like to get as close to blue book value as possible, what can I do to ensure this?


Answer by  saraphillips (268)

For 1990 and newer www. kellybluebook. com, for older cars you will need to buy the kelly blue book containing your year model.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well Kelly's Blue Book is just a rough guide for car based on it current condition. That means a person may pay more or less than that price. Getting more money for it typically means getting it detailed and replacing any worn of damaged parts.


Answer by  fordguy777 (346)

Go to the blue book website. You can get there by searching it on google. Put in the details for your car and it will tell you the value.

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