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Question by  Garbanian (9)

How can I get a "Hopeless Romantic" catalog?

My friend had one but threw it away, so I don't have an address to make a request.


Answer by  bman77 (6)

Simple enough. visit the Victorian Trading Company website at /catalogrequest/ordercatalog. Scroll down the page a little and in the column on the right hand side of the page, you will see the link "Join our mailing list and receive a FREE Hopeless Romantic catalog!" Click the link and fill out the information on the resulting page and you are done.


Answer by  adavis730 (68)

Just visit the Victorian Trading Company website and sign up on the "Hopeless Romantic" mailing list and they'll send you a catalog.


Answer by  Scarlet (100)

You can get one by logging into the The Victorian Tading Company's website and requesting it to be sent to you. Just fill out the order form and it will arrive shortly.


Answer by  Advocate (175)

The catalog you're looking for was a featured cover for the Victorian Trading Co. You can order a catalog from them at their website.

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