Question by  speedy (13)

How can I explain adoption to my biological children?


Answer by  e795 (36)

Adoption is an issue that can be very difficult to explain to children. Honesty is the best approach. Simply let them know that some children have no parents (without getting too detailed) and that they're assigned parents to care for them and love them in the exact same way you love them.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

To simplify things.. read the definition of "adoption" and be open for any and all questions! Having been adopted myself, my mom was very honest and always there to answer my questions as best she could. Children appreciate and respect parents' honesty.. good life lessons!


Answer by  Kathleen (6)

Explain adoption in an open and honest way. You must enforce the fact that love is the reason as to why the adoption took place, no matter the situation. Remember that each child is different. Do not be too generic in the explanation and take heed to care to their individual personalities and age.


Answer by  Rachel69 (12)

Say: Adoption is when grown-ups like us let children that don't have any mummys or daddys come live with them, and call them mummy and daddy


Answer by  sc1234 (1319)

Adoption is a beautiful thing that comes out of, oftentimes, bad situations. You could tell them that adoption is a way that children go from bad families to good ones.


Answer by  Mom92 (5)

You would explain adoption to your biological children by letting them know that the adopted child needed a family and that your family always has extra love to give.


Answer by  Tina12 (112)

Sometimes, a situation forces young adults to give up their children, but it is done in the best interest of the child.

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