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Question by  Ang (58)

How can I change the ignition in a Buick Regal?

My ignition is going bad and needs to be changed.


Answer by  ClaudiaD (136)

Can't help you without more information because some of the newer cars have the ignition switch built into the cylinder instead of it being a separate part. The best way you can find out that info is to call your Buick dealer and ask someone in the repair department.


Answer by  TalkQueen (38)

I think your best bet is going to be purchasing a book for the year, make and model of your car. Those books give very good instructions on how to troubleshoot and repair your car. You ought to call your local auto part store and see if they have one.

Reply by SouthernBelle (66):
Ya'll could probably go the library and find the book there too. My hubby was able to repair the key lock and ignition in my Nissan by doing that.  add a comment

Answer by  JoeyT (78)

This will require taking your battery terminals off and removal of the steering wheel and column. The actual change of the ignition doesn't take long. Once done you may have to re-set your anti-theft system. This may vary depending on year and type of engine you have.

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