Question by  beatification (60)

How can I be prepared for camping in a place where it is likely to rain a lot?


Answer by  workingwoman11 (195)

Make sure to spray water proofing on your tent before you go. Bring lots of rain ponchos and plastic rain suits to stay dry. Make sure to bring a big umbrella or rain cover for your campfire so you can have a little fire to cook and stay warm.


Answer by  wingdog987 (154)

Most important is try to find a location on high ground. If you're in a tent dig a trench around tent for drainage. It's a good idea to spray your tent beforehand at home with water proofing. Also do not touch the sides of the tent when raining.


Answer by  BrTaylor (51)

Bring a couple of tarps. One will be set as a ground cover. The other tarp will go over the tent as shelter. Keep the tent as level as possible. If not possible point the tent downhill to prevent water entering the tent.


Answer by  Richard88 (391)

Most tents are water resistant, but not as water proof as you would like. Take an heavy plastic tarp and rope, and pitch the tap above the tent to shield it from rain. Also have a second tarp for under the tent to provide an extra moisture barrier.


Answer by  sonorasun (174)

When going camping in a rainy area, make sure you have a waterproof tarp to lay under your tent. Also, dig a shallow trench around the perimeter of your tent with a runoff at the lowest spot in order to drain the water away.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

Make sure your tent has a rain cover. Bring raincoats and plenty of tarps to cover your supplies. Bring a small table so nothing has to sit on the ground. Put some sort of tarp under your tent.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

Have a raised platform for your bed if you don't have a trailer. Ensure everything is waterproof, from your camera, you tent, sleeping bag, and clothes. Have rubber rain boots, and don't forget your umbrella! Tarps make a great cover for your entire camp and shed water great.

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