Question by  charliep515 (22)

How can I avoid a power struggle over food with my toddler?

We both want our way and my toddler ends up not eating healthy.


Answer by  aces (45)

Try cutting the foods you want your toddler to eat into different shapes with cookie cutters. Children also like miniature foods. Make the food fun and you both win!


Answer by  BranandMike (148)

Make his food look fun, cut it up differently than you usually do. You can also make food you know he will eat. Give him a choice if he's old enough to pick between two foods.


Answer by  Mary (2095)

If your toddler has already developed a picky style then an option is to hide the veggies. There are several recipe books available. Also offer soups with veggies or sauces.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

If you does eat healthy, reward him with a playing with his favourite toy, or watching his favourite television show.


Answer by  Maureen (60)

A child will not starve in the presence of food. Give your toddler plenty of healthy choices and when he is hungry enough he will eat. Don't argue.

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