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Question by  baxlash (49)

How can I attract women?


Answer by  Anonymous

be yourself


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Just be yourself and make sure you look and smell nice!!! Women love when you don't try hard to impress them. Don't be fake or make things up.


Answer by  JJ88 (91)

There's no one secret to being attractive, but women general appreciate a clean, kept up appearance and a kind and courteous manner of speaking. It's recommended that you try out a very conservative amount of cologne, a nice smell can go a long way.


Answer by  Cristina (339)

David de Angelo defends a few theories, like being sharp and presentable, confident and most humorous. Forget being shy and a wussy - women are looking for men who inspire them confidence.


Answer by  Joven (163)

Go up to a woman in the bar and make actual conversation with her. By this I don't mean say stupid one liners, but rather actually talk to her.

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