Question by  arrakaij (24)

How can I accessorize a white leather sofa?

It's the main piece of furniture in the room.


Answer by  redwings1907 (81)

I like the look of dark woods with white furniture. A dark or even black coffee table or end table would go well with a white couch. I also like the idea of bright pillows on a white couch, this will provide some contrasting colors and keep the room bright and fun.


Answer by  Ralph45 (28)

An interesting way to accessorize any sofa is with the addition of throw pillows. The addition of contrasting throw pillows can also help to pull other accents from around the room such as chairs, drapery, wall color etc. that will tie your room together.


Answer by  klp2210 (145)

Bright colored pillows will add interest to the room. Because a white leather sofa is fairly contemporary, you might want to go with bold designs and colors for fabrics. Avoid pairing the sofa with a majority of wooden accessories - that might create a clash of styles in the room.


Answer by  Purple (948)

Use colored accent pillows. Use a printed or colored blanket throw across the back of it. Put a colored rug in front of the couch. Paint the wall behind it a contrasting color with a big picture centered in the couch. Put candles or flowers on a coffee table.


Answer by  jag (278)

I would get some colorful throw pillows, and maybe a blanket. Pick colors that accentuate your other furniture or you want to add in the room.

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