Question by  cjdean (4)

How can churches that have such huge budgets render such menial benefits to the surrounding community?

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Answer by  SarikOstheim (211)

Ideally, churches are non-profit centers of religious communities. Realistically, especially among North American and European Christian sects, churches have become business, and their leaders both salesmen and managers.


Answer by  InquiringAli (89)

While the budgets are huge it's run much like a family home requiring less workers in the actual church itself.


Answer by  cjdean (4)

Churches have bylaws setting out their purpose, including (1) worship, (2) serving those in need, and (3) spreading the gospel. The overhead expands or shrinks to meet the available budget. There is worship on Sunday and an occasional picnic. This touches #1, but not 2 or 3.

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