Question by  ty37 (21)

How big is a 6-week-old Doberman pup?

I think the breeder lied about my puppy's age.


Answer by  rmkaplan (14)

On average, at 6 weeks your puppy should weigh about 15lbs. At two months, a Doberman pup is usually around 20lbs and will gain 8-10 additional pounds per month after that until it is fully grown. These numbers will change based on the size of its parents, though


Answer by  jessydav (550)

all doberman puppies will range on size by that of their parents, but on average a doberman puppy that is around 6 weeks of age will be between five and ten pounds. Or that of a small cat. they will grow to be sixty to one hundred pounds depending on whether they are male or female.

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