Question by  jaykar625 (10)

How are crystals used in wiccan practice?


Answer by  Vanessa (387)

Crystals are used to focus energies into during spell casting then you carry it with you until you no longer need it. Then you boil it in salt water or let it back in the sun to purify it of those energies.


Answer by  jencheryi (23)

There are several ways crystals are used. Some Wiccans use them to direct or harness energy when casting spells. Colored crystals are good for balancing chakras. Each crystal has different properties as well. For example, clear quartz absorbs negative energy, obsidian helps in grounding, and rose quartz attracts love. The color usually hints at what each one is good for.


Answer by  redheart (29)

There are numerous ways wiccans use crystals in their practices. You cleanse with water prior to any use. Then you charge them for the purpose you are wanting them for. They can be used during rituals on an alter, made into jewelry, placed in liquids, in small bags with strings or just placed in your pocket, or under your pillow.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

In wiccan practice crystals are used both to channel energy, much the same way that a prism channels light, as well as for the energy they themselves contain.


Answer by  Arin (247)

If you're interested in using Crystals, my advice is not to. Most are gained from blast mining, at a ridiculously low wage, in the rain-forest or other sensitive areas. It's hard to find ethically acceptable Crystals.


Answer by  Aya (797)

In traditional witchcraft, crystals are used to augment spells and other practices; it is best to use a crystal that has similar vibrations or associations with the purpose of your work.

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