dental care


Question by  Henry (21)

Have you had experience with a dental kit to fix a chipped tooth?

If you chip a tooth and can't get to the dentist.


Answer by  mahee (720)

Yes i have a experience.For this i had to go to a dentist and he fixed chipped tooth after all dental verificatio as it is professional.


Answer by  Carrie55 (204)

I haven't tried to fix my own chipped tooth, but I have had teeth fixed by the dentist. Any fix for a chipped tooth should be done professionally.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

If you try to fix a chipped tooth with a dental kit you may cause more damage to the tooth than you already have by chipping it. You should find some way to get to the dentist.


Answer by  rosen (218)

Yes I had this issue in my school days. Hence my dentist advised me to have a porcelain veneers. Now it is fine and good.


Answer by  mahavin (589)

Yes, once I experienced when my tooth chipped, I had to go to a Dentist and he fixed my chipped tooth after all dental verification.

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