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Question by  philosophy (243)

Have you ever used teeth-whitening products?

If so, how did it work?


Answer by  Drone (17)

Yes I have used teeth -whitening product and it actually worked but it worked only at the initial period and after using it for 15 days I started to have a strange feeling on my teeth. I would advice not to use chemical oriented products but someone may try herbal product mended but it should recommended by a dentist.


Answer by  tiffany (34)

Yes, I have used Crest whitening strips, and they worked really well. Just follow the instructions and they will whiten your teeth. Your teeth, however, don't stay white forever. It probably last about a year or less.


Answer by  cutiebee15hotmailcom (129)

I've used the crest teeth whitening strips and i've used a gel that you apply to your teeth. The whitening strips worked better because I just had to open them and place them on my teeth, the gel was harder because if you closed your mouth or tried to swallow the gel would rub off your teeth.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Yes, I have used teeth whitening products provided to me by the dentist and they worked great. I was very happy with the results and have repeated them on three occasions. My teeth did become sensitive during the time, but it was worth it in my opinion. I will do it again if need be.


Answer by  apple (447)

yes, i used the over the counter teeth whitening strips. i used them as directed but they hurt my teeth. i haven't had any problems with sensitive teeth before.


Answer by  LisaM (61)

I have used the new crest whitestrips advanced seal. No it did not work that well but it did work a bit.


Answer by  onecrore (196)

I tried some thin plastic strips with some gel on it. After a day or two, my teeth really started to hurt so I stopped the treatment. I think its supposed to take a couple weeks so I never got to the point where I saw any results.

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