Question by  worker6272 (21)

Have you ever been to Frightmare?

They are haunted houses.


Answer by  aussie (6)

No I haven't been to Frightmare... I wonder where it is located! It sounds really really scary and not something my family would do for a fun outing! I have watched movies about haunted houses, and then been too scared to go to sleep! I have a friend who really loves scary stuff! and especially movies!


Answer by  HerpDerp (91)

Frightmare is really awesome in a very cheesey way! It is not as creepy as going ghost hunting, but it is still good fun for the price. Happy haunting!


Answer by  hosneymaruf (182)

Yes, I went to Frightmare last year with my two best friends. We got very afraid to roam the house but we feel adventure too.

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