Question by  ljgdasfhk (51)

Have you ever been to Belknap Hot Springs Resort?

What was your favorite part?


Answer by  harshielha (144)

My rating is an average of the great outdoor space and the room.The garden is amazing, and huge for which you need a map to roam. The hot water pools are also pleasant.Room 9 is one of the cheapest rooms,although not that cheap in absolute terms.


Answer by  jatindranath (5)

My favorite part of the springs was the McKenzie River Trail. I love riding my bike and this was the perfect place to do so with my girlfriend.


Answer by  Alex76 (11)

My favorite part of Belknap Springs Resort were the awesome rooms. The beds were incredible and the room service was great.


Answer by  Amethys (20)

No, unfortunately I was never there , but I heard it's a very nice place,that deserves to be visited at least once in life.

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