Question by  ShirleyThaler (39)

Does the Ohio Labor laws cover vacation?

My company does not give vacation time.


Answer by  catch2007 (212)

There are no laws in Ohio or federally that mandate that an employer provide vacation time for their employees. Most employers provide vacation time as a way to recruit and retaing quality employees rather than because they are mandated by law. This is something that needs to be negotiated with your employer.


Answer by  Chaneygirl (1755)

The Ohio Labor laws leave the vacation benefit up to the employer. It is considered a fringe benefit and is not required to be offered. It is also not required to be paid out if you leave a job and have accrued vacation.


Answer by  patti (29325)

State nor federal law requires a company to offer benefits like paid sick time, vacation, holidays or personal time. Such perks are offered solely through the ability and generosity of the company and are not required unless provided for in an employment agreement. In fact, a company can offer select benefits one level of employee but not for another.


Answer by  ShawnL19 (310)

Ohio law does not require a company to provide you with vacation time. Vacation time, in Ohio, is a "perk" companies use to draw in employees. It's the same reason some companies pay more then the "minimum wage". They get more, and often better, employees by offering higher pay and extra "perks", like vacation time, even though not required to.

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