Question by  rhenrickson (15)

Does seborrheic dermatitis cause hair loss?


Answer by  karthik44 (62)

hair loss is one of the symptom of seborrheic dermatitis. It is also characterised by flaky white or yellowish scales formed on the oily areas. Though it isnot a thing to be afraid of scrating the areas where the skin itches may result in further inflammation of the skin. It can be treated easily with medicated shampoos that has salislic acid


Answer by  cquiggles (238)

One of the side effects of seborrheic dermatitis is to have a temporary case of hair loss. This is not a permanent situation. There are treatments that can help.


Answer by  bajestar (605)

Seborrheic dermatitis can case temporary hair loss in the scalp where the infection is found. Once you have treated it your hair should return.

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