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Question by  rani (13)

Does lupus cause fatigue?

My mother has lupus.


Answer by  LadyDiamond30 (138)

Im sorry to hear this but Yes, Fatiuge is on of the main symptoms of Lupus. the fatigue is a warning warning from our body, which happens to tell us that we cannot keep going at this pace, and that we need to recharge ourselves. The best way to avoid this is sleep when you can, eat right,and Exercise


Answer by  fishy (1085)

Fatigue is one of the most common results in a person who has lupus. Lupus is an auto immune disease in which the body is attacking itself, therefore a body is being taxed not only by fighting, but also resisting attack causing a person to feel exhausted.


Answer by  wjgsert (403)

Yes, fatigue is actually one of the most common symptoms of Lupus. Researchers are looking into why lupus causes fatigue, but none have been able to pinpoint the reason.


Answer by  harriett (428)

Fatigue is very often one of the first and most prominent signs of lupus. It is many times a very debilitating and overwhelming lack of energy. It may be a primary symptom of the disorder, but it can also be secondary to such problems as anemia and sleep problems.

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