Question by  pukalo (13)

Does lidocaine show in a urine test?


Answer by  Krista (69)

When lidocaine is used prior to taking a urine test it is possible that it could show a false positive for cocaine use. Since the lidocaine can cause a false positive it is best to do is to retake the urine test a few days later to help prevent a future false positive.


Answer by  ckell3 (100)

It seems unlikely that lidocaine would show up in a urine sample if it was being used as a topical treatment to the skin. If the lidocaine is being injected into the body, however, it would probably show up in the urine eventually.


Answer by  bleh (93)

I would think it should not show in a urine test unless a very large dosage was taken. Lidocaine is typically topical and has a very short duration for activity. I'd wait at least 12 hours before the urine test. If you're concerned I'd mention it to the examiner and the person prescribing the lidocaine


Answer by  Tyoon (34)

No. Lidocaine is an amide local anesthetic which is generally used for small surgical procedures. There is no specific test to determine if lidocaine was used. In addition, there usually is no ramification to an individual if lidocaine has been administered.


Answer by  lesreg (100)

No, local anesthetics like lidocaine do not give you a positive test for cocaine on a urine test. It is a totally different test and it does not show in a urine test.


Answer by  mark70 (18)

Lidocaine is secreted in urine. So it is more than probable that it would detected in Urine. Generaly 10% of the volume injested will show in urine.

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