Question by  worker4280 (22)

Does it look OK to wear brown shoes and black socks?

My wife says I'm a fashion disaster.


Answer by  mary18 (22)

You can wear whatever you like as long as you are comfortable. Almost any color can go with another depending on all the components involved. If you love your brown shoes and black socks, then tell your wife or if you are neutral ask for her suggestion!


Answer by  jessyjuan (290)

Oh no!!! Wearing black socks with brown shows is a fashion NO, for any gender. Stick to earth tone solids or designs.


Answer by  Anonymous

If you are a suit-and-tie sort of person, black socks will work with almost everything. I am not sure who started the idea that your socks had to match your shoes, or had to match your pants.


Answer by  MCS783 (29)

You should listen to your wife on this one. Wearing black socks with brown shoes is a bit taboo. In fact, in most cases mixing brown with black at all is taboo. Stick with something neutral like beige or tan or even another brown, but no matter what you do, avoid the black!


Answer by  Mila (49)

Brown shoes with black socks only looks okay if you're color blind. The colors are too close yet different--it just doesn't look good.


Answer by  Anonymous

Black socks go pretty much with everyithing. By matching you mean identical colors? The fact is that you simply hate the socks.


Answer by  alz (2329)

No, you should never wear black socks with brown shoes or visa versa. It is best to match them. If you are wearing boots, or something where it is impossible for them to be seen, it's ok.

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