Question by  Andrew86 (62)

Does Hallmark make a special line of e-cards?

I've always liked Hallmark cards and would like to use their online products, if possible.


Answer by  helen20 (354)

Yes, Hallmark does sell e-cards. You can find it at their website. The average cost is 99 cents, but if you subscribe to them, most are free. They have a large selection, and many cards have great animation and include a song so they can be more entertaining than a paper card.


Answer by  jk34 (61)

Hallmark has a very nice line of e-cards. Cards are available for just about every occasion. However there is fee for many of them. They do offer an option for getting unlimited cards for a small yearly fee. The Hallmark website makes it very easy to find the card you are looking for.


Answer by  A3JQV3WPFGSULE (191)

Their website offers a full line e-cards ready to be personalized. There are cards for many occasions and the website even offers other ideas and examples of store cards.


Answer by  consumer99 (12)

Hallmark has a line of e-cards which you can access on their website. You can also choose the option of paying $9.99 a year for unlimited access to premium e-cards. Included, at no extra cost, is a 15% discount on cards and party products.


Answer by  calimidge (40)

Hallmark does have online products.I came across them looking up prices of Hallmark collectables. They can be accessed by googling Hallmark and clicking on their official site. This is where the links to Hallmark's to e-cards are located and many other things too. I also am a big fan of Hallmark stores and products.


Answer by  jaime24 (744)

Yes Hallmark has their own special line of e - cards. go to and you will find a big variety of e cards for any occasion. I think you can also buy a disc from hallmark that has a card program on it.Do a search for hallmark e - cards on Google.


Answer by  chet13 (332)

Yes, if you go to Hallmark's website, they have several pre-made e-cards as well as cutom cards you can make for any occasion.


Answer by  SGividen (652)

Hallmark has a huge selection of online products, include e-cards for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, etc. The cards can be personalized with messages, photos, music and are often free to send. Hallmark's online service also offers a calendar so you can input important dates or occasions and receive reminders before the event.

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