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Question by  ambitiousajay (18)

Does Fisher Price make a nativity with their little people?

If so, does it also include animals?


Answer by  MaTwosey (332)

Fisher Price makes a gift set that is available for sale on their website. The set includes a dog, some sheep and other animals as well as the people.


Answer by  Magenta (94)

Fisher Price's Little People Nativity set includes Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, one angel, and two shepherds. The set also comes with a background scene with the star of Bethlehem attached to it and cute little animal figures including a donkey, cow, sheep dog, and two sheep. The donkey is attached to a cart loaded with bales of hay.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

Fisher Price does make a Nativity set with their little people. It's plastic and kind of like their dollhouse people. It comes with animals.


Answer by  rileyla6 (11)

Yes, Fisher Price does make a nativity with their little people. The set does include animals. There are two sheep, a sheep dog, a cow and a donkey.

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