Question by  latigurl13 (12)

Does dog pee damage laminate flooring?


Answer by  lumberman1979 (40)

Any kind of moisture has the potential to cause damage. If it is cleaned up right away, the chance of damage is slim.


Answer by  mike49 (373)

Dog urine could damage your floors but the odor would be bad too. When the kids come in from outside and drag rain water or snow in, it damages the floor more than dog urine. some areas it actually buckeled and bubbled. The warranty would not cover the repairs because we had a hard time proving it wasn't the dog.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well if any kind of liquid gets under the flooring it could cause the floor to warp. Urine can actually damage the top surface if it is no adequately sealed.


Answer by  Darrell (316)

No, animal pee should not damage laminate flooring so long as there is no damage to the coating of the laminate and it is cleaned up regularly.


Answer by  worker4240 (36)

no,dog pee doesn't damage laminate flooring. laminated flooring are more safe then other floors. laminated flooring can be damage by scratching not by the dog pee.


Answer by  Anonymous

Dog pee does cause damage to laminate flooring. I know from personal experience. It is a nightmare! Do not install laminate if you have dogs.

posted by Anonymous
Yes, dog pee will ruin your laminate floor if you don't clean it up ASAP. My dog would pee in the morn and we wouldnt see it until the evening, within a year our laminate floor started to warp along the edges. Pee pads leave moisture as well.  add a comment
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