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Question by  WordUser (50)

Does cheap champagne taste worse than expensive champagne?

So far, I've found that the cheapest tastes the best.


Answer by  Tink1712 (145)

Price does not necessarily determine how good a champagne tastes. It depends on personal preference, as one can buy both cheap and expensive champagnes to be sweet or dry. The major difference between cheap and expensive champagnes is the production process, and the region of the world in which it is produced. Cheap, sweet champagne may have additional sugar added.

posted by Anonymous
Whoever made the distinction that the major difference between cheap and expensive champagne is "the region it is produced" has no idea what they're talking about because real champagne can only come from the Champagne region of France.  add a comment

Answer by  riverjoe21 (89)

Depends if you know what you are looking for as far as taste. Most champagne connoisseurs prefer the dry taste that not many inexperienced champagne drinkers care for.

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