Question by  Jennifer92 (16)

Does Cars On Line have good prices?

Someone recommended this to me.


Answer by  exect45 (117)

Cars on line generally do have good prices but, I would still buy them in person because then you can haggle with the salesman.


Answer by  harifulameen (33)

Cars on line is the America's most popular online website for cars. I think it is most reputed website and more users there must be good price. We can compare price with same model & manufacture in the same site


Answer by  nandan (9)

Yes, Car dealers are aware of this trend, and they now have their own Internet to establish good support and build your confidence at the same time


Answer by  Lemony (5)

that depends on the quality of the car and it's rarity. Some internet classified ads can have extremely cheap cars, but can be of poor quality. Always do research first.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The thing about websites like that one is that the prices will depend on the sellers. Fortunately they not only have already restored cars but also have cheaper project vehicle listed. So you may find a good deal on a car.

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