Question by  ouprobablylackthedisciplinetosti (64)

Does Brew and Go make good coffee?

It just seems like I'd be giving up quality for convenience.


Answer by  Bayarts (470)

Brew and Go occasionally makes good coffee, but most of the time it tastes weak and watered-down and, in my opinion, not very good. However, there are days when it is brewed perfectly and tastes delicious with a dollop of real cream or a spoonful of caramel syrup. One can never tell what it is going to taste like.


Answer by  steve29 (10)

Ive had brew and go only a few times, and the quality is very poor, however i know what you mean, it is convineient. for the morning when you just need the caffeine, its good, as an after dinner coffee however i wouldnt have it.

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