Question by  pucflook (13)

Does Black and Decker make a toaster oven?

What kind of kitchen appliances do they make?


Answer by  SunnyPois (48)

Black and Decker does make a toaster oven as well as many other kitchen appliances: coffee makers, toasters, can openers, cordless kettles, blenders, choppers, food processors, juicers, mixers, bread makers, rice cookers, steamers, waffle irons, sandwich makers, grills and griddles. Just about any appliance that you would want to use in the kitchen, Black and Decker makes!


Answer by  TylerD (12)

Yes, Black and Decker makes several different models of toaster ovens, including some which also offer convection and broiler features.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

Black and Decker does make a toaster oven and it is readily available at many retailers or online they also make other kitchen appliances such as can openers and coffee makers as well.


Answer by  garymarkle (599)

Black and Decker does make a wide range of appliances including a toaster oven, the TRO480BS is their most popular item.

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