Question by  vaishb88gmailcom (37)

Does baseball hat cleaner work?


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

It is the same as any cleaner, it all depends on what you got on it and the maker of the cleaner.


Answer by  jalucia (936)

For general cleaning, baseball cap cleaners can be helpful. When it comes to stains, they might not live up to one's expectations. It really comes down to what you're asking the cleaner to do, and what type of results you would be satisfied with.


Answer by  chelbel (110)

I have tried baseball hat cleaner before. In my opinion it does not work very well on stains. It does work good however on removing odors and it does clean make it look like it is brand new. I use it for caps that have makeup on the inside from me and it comes out everytime.


Answer by  lexib228 (123)

Baseball hat cleaners work, however, the best baseball hat cleaner only work with a dishwasher. It may sound absurb, but placing a hat in a full-sized washer will damage the hat.


Answer by  Buddie (10)

We have tried the baseball hat holder cleaner that you put in your dishwasher. It gets the hat clean, but might fade a darker hat, best on light colors.


Answer by  avery (23)

Baseball hat cleaner does not work any better than using dish soap and a clean wet rag to wipe out any dirty spots.

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