Question by  worker7183 (30)

Does a warrant show up on a background check?


Answer by  Tiara (351)

Yes a warrant does show up as well as bankrupcies, judgements, liens, court records, property records, area date, address records, etc.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

I would assume so. If the police are looking for you, and they have it in their database that they are looking for you, then your employers are going to find that out and probably alert the police that you tried to seek employment with them.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Any criminal activity and charges will show up on your record. So yes a warrant will be on there too.


Answer by  coxdjustinuseless (123)

Warrants show up on basic background searches when they are outstanding and current. If the person has not cleared up there warrants they will show up.

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