Question by  dr84bhl (2789)

Does a pharmacist have to take a lot of chemistry?

I would like to be a pharmacist and hate chemistry.


Answer by  kf4vkp (295)

Even to get into Pharmacy School, General Chemistry one and two and Organic Chemistry one and two are required. More if the school actually requires a full degree prior to entry. More is taken once in pharmacy school, as pharmacists have to do compounding and need chemistry knowledge to do so.


Answer by  Kayla77 (26)

You must have an understanding of chemistry in order to be a pharmacist. Knowing how the body digests chemicals and the method they work in the body is key to understanding what you are giving your patients. Biology is important but you will need a heavy chemistry background.


Answer by  parnell257 (109)

Sorry, but a pharmacist has to take a lot of chemistry in their academic preparation. Usually the pharmacist takes a year of general chemistry, a year of organic chemistry, a year of biochemistry, and a year of physical chemistry. If you dislike chemistry, you might consider becoming a pharmacist assistant. They have much less chemisry to take.

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