Question by  mclaingreen (27)

Does a deerfly sting?


Answer by  mb (5482)

Yes. Deerflies are in the family of biting flies. They bite animals and drink their blood in small amounts. They usually bite deer in the head and neck where the deer cannot bite at them. The deerflies will bite humans and it is quite painful. Foretunatly there are no diseases you can get from deerflies.


Answer by  Mary95 (14)

Deerflies are similar in appearance to normal flies, except for a black streak on the wings. They do not sting. However, female deerflies do feed on blood. The flies have razor sharp mouthpieces that they use to break the skin. The fly then licks or sucks at the blood. The resulting bites are usually raised bumps and can itch.


Answer by  mandyaljp (55)

Like mosquitoes only female deerfly sting as they feed on blood, unlike male flies which feed on pollens. Their bite can be extremely painful and can cause allergic reaction.

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